Make a roof over the deck or not?

Are you aware of what you should do with your decking? If not, well, thinking about how you will spend your time on the deck is important. It will help our deck builders Glen Ellyn build it to suit its purpose, whether it is an office or a leisure space for relaxation and enjoyment. No matter what your deck will be used for, our deck designers are here to help you keep a few points in mind.

To roof or not to roof?

A porch is like a living space, and it will be used frequently, as you may think. It will be more useful when your deck has a roof, and it also comes with great benefits. During the winter season, you would need as much light as possible to enter your deck. Deck builders Glen Ellyn will add a wall on your deck or a removable roof or one that allows more light through as fall approaches. Adding a roof to your deck will also provide protection from rain, making it more valuable. If you have a roof over the terrace, you don’t need to move furnishings like chairs and tables when bad weather rolls in.

All decks should have a slope that dips away from your home. If there are puddles that form beneath a building wall, it can cause dampness in the wall itself. The water will likely roll right off any deck that has at least a 2% slope. The percentage should be enough to ensure the surface of your deck is not at risk of standing water. Our deck builders Glen Ellyn will make sure that your deck is built well to avoid any problems in the future.

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