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Visit us for that shiny new hardwood flooring you’re looking for at Dust-Less Hardwood Inc. For almost 15 years, Dust-Less Hardwood has been providing the highest standard of hardwood flooring services in and around Joliet. Our team is full of experts in hardwood floor installation, laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring, and we offer hardwood floor refinishing in Joliet, to make your old floors shine again.

Everyone on our team is dedicated to providing only the very best level of skill while working with your floors. With that, we carry only the best quality flooring materials available. We are so sure of our professional abilities and in the quality of our laminate wood flooring and hardwood floors in Joliet, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our guarantee covers all of our professional flooring installations and refinishing, so no matter what we are doing for you, we are certain that you will love your new hardwood flooring or refinished hardwood floors. We will keep working until you are happy with them.

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Wide variety


Dust-Less Hardwood Company offers a wide choice of flooring services. That’s how we can make sure you are getting the perfect floors you have always wanted. We not only offer our professional expertise to bring you new hardwood flooring in Joliet from a huge selection in our inventory, but we can also make your old hardwood floors shine like the day they were installed with our dustless sanding and floor refinishing in Joliet.

Whether it’s for your home or your business, Dust-Less Hardwood provides unequaled expertise for the floor service you need to choose the right floors, no matter what kind of floor you want to see. We have the highest quality hardwood flooring and laminate flooring on hand, and we offer the best floor restoration service available.

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What our clients say

Jack F.

Jack F.

Love My Hardwood Flooring in Joliet

Dust-Less Hardwood turned my home into a fresh clean and beautiful living space thanks to their amazing hardwood flooring in Joliet. I was helped at every turn to give me the floors I was thinking about and their expert hardwood floor installation service did an outstanding job of making it look great. I have only nice things to say about Dust-Less Hardwood.

Matthew K.

Matthew K.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Saved My Floors

Dust-Less Hardwood gave my floors a new life. I thought I would have to replace my hardwood because they were so badly damaged but I was proven wrong. This team gave me a hardwood floor refinishing in Joliet and made my floors look better than ever. They really know what they’re doing with hardwood floors and for that, I am so grateful.

Mike R.

Mike R.

Laminate Floors That Shine

When I spoke with the people at Dust-Less Hardwood, they gave me a great education on all kinds of flooring types. They spent so much time making sure I made the right choice for my flooring. I ended up selecting the laminate wood flooring for Joliet home and it was the right one for me. They worked within my budget and had excellent quality flooring. Their installation was really quick and easy too.

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