Here are a few things to think about when installing hardwood floors

Traditional hardwood floors are beautiful, but many homeowners choose more eclectic designs with patterns or colors that aren’t found in nature. Before selecting a design, you should think about a few important factors.

A house with wooden floors

To ensure the stability of your floor, you’ll need to make sure it’s level and solid. Wood subfloors require extra attention, as do concrete slabs. Clean and inspect each surface before installing hardwood flooring. This will help you identify any nails or tacks protruding up from the wood. It will also give you an opportunity to walk across the floor and make sure that supporting joists beneath the surface do not seem to bend when weight is applied to them.

Installing hardwood floors can be a good investment

When you’ve examined the sub-floor and determined that it’s strong, smooth, and flat, you can install the padding that will lie beneath your flooring. The padding is not required for all types of flooring, but it’s essential if you plan to install “tongue-and-groove” flooring sections.

One aspect of hardwood floor installation that many homeowners overlook is allowing the wood to acclimate to their home’s temperature and humidity level before installation. Wood will expand and contract slightly as a response to these two factors, so it’s important to allow it to adjust for a couple of days before beginning installation. To ensure a long-lasting floor that looks and feels great, you should acclimate new hardwood floors to the temperature and moisture level of your house before installing them.

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